CULTIVATE your Assertiveness

2 min quiz to check your word choices  

Many of us women have been socialized out of confidently sharing our ideas. And in that way, we’ve gotten into the habit of using words that minimize our contribution and worth, often unknowingly. It can seem like such a small thing. 

But it’s not a small thing when it prevents us from using words that represent our worth.

The Cultivate your Assertiveness program will help you rewire communication habits that prevent your true voice from coming out. It has worked for countless women across industries, levels and demographics. 

It can work for you too.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Understanding The Drivers of Your Habit

    • Getting Ready
    • Minimizing Words - What they are and why we use them
    • Being Assertive - What It Is and Isn't
    • Assignment - Identifying the Minimizing Words You Use
    • How to Break Habits
    • Assignment - Mapping Your Habit Loops
    • Chapter 1 Insights - Getting Curious
  • 3

    Clarifying your BRAND

    • Getting Ready
    • Exploring the Idea of Brand
    • Assignment - Audit your Brand
    • Chapter 2 Insights in Action - Declare your BRAND adjectives!
  • 4

    Increasing your AWARENESS

    • Getting Ready
    • Assignments for Raising your Awareness
    • Helpful Resources to Download and Share with Others
    • Videos & Articles Worth Checking Out
    • Chapter 3 - One Important Question
  • 5

    Imposter Syndrome & The Double Bind

    • Getting Ready
    • Imposter Syndrome
    • Assignment - Rewiring your Story Loops
    • Consider The Double Bind
    • A Few Inspiring and Informative Videos
    • Check-In -How's CULTIVATE working for you?
  • 6

    Replace & Practice Assertive Choices

    • Getting Ready
    • Minimizing Word Replacement Table Exercises
    • Assignment - Replace and Practice Worksheet
    • Replace and Practice Cont'd
    • Key Take Aways from Replace & Practice
  • 7

    Aligning your Non-Verbal Communication

    • Getting Ready
    • How Your Nonverbal Communication Affects Others
    • Assignment - What are your Nonverbals Saying?
    • Assignment - How are you showing up on video today?
    • Your Key Insights - Physical Presence
  • 8

    Elevating your Communication - Foundational Skills

    • Getting Ready
    • Why Are You Communicating?
    • Determine what your audiences should FEEL, SEE, HEAR, KNOW & DO
    • Focus on KNOW and DO: Crafting Effective Messages
    • Focus on KNOW and DO: Prove it to us!
    • Focus on HEAR: Free yourself up to be yourself. Have VOICE!
    • Bringing It All Together
    • Insights in Action - Elevating your Communication Skills
  • 9

    Continuing to CULTIVATE your ASSERTIVENESS

    • Making it Stick
    • Before you go...
    • More resources for you

What Women Are Saying...


Chloe Grande


"JoAnn’s CULTIVATE program was a game-changer. As a young woman who recently made the transition from corporate work to entrepreneurship, I  knew my passiveness was holding me back. Through structured activities, readings and video calls, I learned new ways to re-wire my brain and form habits that fight back against my people-pleasing nature. Thank you, JoAnn, for helping me take my business to the next level and instilling confidence in my communication skills! "

Nancy Dzokoto


"A big thank you for your helping me to be more assertive. You have tremendously changed my relationships @work and most importantly with my daughter. I am now respected in my arguments and I was accepted to a participatory leadership programme @ my organization."

Giulia Pezzi


"My #1 goal in taking this program was to make my life easier, and I have to say that indeed the course has made my life easier in a number of ways. I said things I’d never thought I’d say, and I managed to stand on my point and be more assertive way more times than I had anticipated. I often got what I wanted/needed, and even more so I often didn’t get what I didn’t want/need. Huge achievement: I started to say “no”, politely, but no. I still get caught off guard sometimes and revert back to my old habits, but I’m confident it will get better with time."

Pricing options

The Full CULTIVATE Experience - Parts 1, 2 & 3. Upgrade to include 3 private 30 minute virtual coaching sessions with JoAnn.